Infographic – Paris in figures

Infographic – Paris in figures

Paris is the most visited city in the world, it is the most romantic place on earth with millions of lights shining on its cobbled little streets. We have put together a few figures and numbers to celebrate tourism in our beautiful capital. Just for fun and just because “Paris is always a good excuse”.

Most tourists know the main monuments like the Eiffel tower and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame and they enjoy the concentration of so many iconic landmarks in a small and walkable area. They also come to taste the deliciously tempting baguettes and pastries or to sip a few glasses of wine with a platter of cheese and charcuterie. Whether you stop at a café to watch the world go by or you are crossing one of the oldest bridges over the river Seine, Paris has so much to offer that you will most likely fall in love and want to stay here for ever.

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Paris In Figures [Infographic] – An infographic by the team at Smarter Paris

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