Market Streets of Paris


Paris has preserved some of the more attractive and picturesque streets, which generally form a small perimeter of high-end food merchants and quaint open-air market stalls. These streets are often called “rue marchés,” or “market streets.” Usually paved with cobblestones, reserved for pedestrians and quite animated (with the exception of Sunday afternoons and Mondays), these arteries are generally also bordered by a number of charming cafés, bistros, and bookshops, which serve to create a miniature paradise – as much for lovers of Paris as for “foodies” of all sorts.

We have categorized some of Paris’ “market streets” below, according to the types of products you may desire:

Rue Poncelet for a dinner that is refined and chic

Simultaneously posh and friendly, the Rue Poncelet is one of the most beautiful “market streets” of the city. It seduces you with its myriad colors, decorated shop windows and displays, which are pleasing to the eye and invite temptation. Don’t miss the intersection of Rue Poncelet and Rue Bayen where one comes to buy the exceptional offerings at the fishmongers “Daguerre-Marée” and “Maison Divay”! Next, hurry to discover the following destinations: the bakery-pastry-catering shop “Kaffeehaus,” the cheese store “Alléosse,” and the bakery “Pâtisserie des Rêves.” Afterward, there is no doubt that you will be able to put together an elegant and refined dinner with your basket of scrumptious finds!

Rue des Martyrs for a typically Parisian dinner

The Rue des Martyrs (Street of Martyrs) is one of the most bustling “rue marchés” of Paris. Known to neighborhood residents and the city’s gourmets, this market welcomes numerous food retailers and specialized gourmet boutiques. The meat from “Roger Boucheries,” the Roger Billebault family butcher shop, cheese from “Châtaignier,” and pastries from “Sébastien Gaudard,” will allow you to assemble a perfect Parisian meal.

Rue Montorgueil for a savory breakfast

Loved by hipsters and other upscale bohemians from the neighborhood, the Rue Montorgueil is the last trace of Les Halles’ nourishing role. Numerous renowned Parisian establishments are gathered here. Of note are: the pastry experts “Stohrer”; the open air market located at the start of the Rue Montmartre (nicknamed “marché Montorgueil”); the fish shop “Soguisa”; and the candy shop “À la mère de famille” – all of which will give you the opportunity to invite your friends to a gourmet lunch after you’ve finished your shopping.

Rue Mouffetard for the perfect picnic

It’s at the base of the Rue Mouffetard, near the Church of Saint-Médard, that you must go in order to take advantage of the authentic experience the market has to offer and to avoid the hordes of students and tourists loitering on the side of the Place de la Contrescarpe. There, a number of food shops and other gastronomic boutiques will make it possible to fill your basket for the perfect picnic. Make your way to the retail shop of caterer “Mavrommatis”; the pastry shop “Carl Marletti”; the Italian gastronomic retailer “Delizius”; and cheese maker “Androuet,” master cheese refiner since 1909. Your basket now filled, head directly to the Jardin des Plantes or the Arènes de Lutèce to treat yourself while seated on a bench in the sun!

Rue de Lévis for brunch

Even if Rue de Lévis has been invaded by large company logos and franchise stores, it doesn’t lack for little gems that will entice you to buy, among other temptations, the artisanal cookies of “La Fabrique”; the bread at “Boulangerie Arnaud Montel”; the Iberian deli meats at “Les Grands d’Espagne”; the chocolates at “Cacaotier Hubert Masse”; the spices and other sought-after products from the “Macis, maison des saveurs” – all of which will allow you to treat yourself to a wonderful Sunday brunch.

If you would like to discover a few more of Paris’ adorable “rue marchés,” don’t hesitate to take a stroll on the Rue Cler (in the 7th arrondissement), which attracts a large (and seemingly growing) American clientele! The Rue Daguerre (14th arrondissement), the Rue de L’Annonciation (16th arrondissement), and the Rue du Poteau (18th arrondissement) are also other excellent alternatives to explore.

Bon appétit!

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