Ten questions about Paris : Quiz

There are always more facts about Paris to learn and we have compiled a few random ones to test your knowledge. If you need a little help you can have a look through our Landmarks page or on the Facebook page for hints. Enjoy and let us know how well you’ve done!

1. The oldest tree in Paris


The oldest tree in Paris is a Robinia pseudoacacia. It stands in Square René Viviani, next to the Shakespeare & Co bookshop and across the Seine from Notre-Dame. It was planted by Jean Robin, the King’s gardener (in the reigns of Henri III, Henri IV and Louis XIII).
Can you guess how old it is knowing that Louis XIII (the Sun King’s father) would have the exact same age ?

114 years
714 years
414 years

2. Honey in Paris


The oldest bee hive in Paris dates from 1872 and is installed in the Luxembourg gardens. Today certain roofs are perfect locations for bee hives and Paris honey is really delicious and healthy. Pesticides are indeed very rarely used (only 3% to 4%) and there is a great variety of shrubs, plants, trees and flowers which are accessible for the bees (including wide green areas such as Bois de Boulogne, Bois de Vincennes without mentioning the numerous gardens, squares and parks of Paris). You can currently find the most exclusive and finest honey at the Tour d’Argent restaurant (23€/200g)…
How many bee hives would you say are currently working in Paris ?

 About 300
About 150
About 450

3. Kestrels in Paris

pigeons in paris

Paris is known for its sparrows and pigeons. But did you know that there were also a few kestrels (hawks) in the city ? The Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre museum, Invalides, Saint Jacques tower, as well as many other buildings, are havens for them. Can you guess how many have been listed recently?

11 couples
33 couples
55 couples

4. Higher up

View from Eiffel Tower

Paris is known the world over for its historical monuments, some of them rise proudly above the Hausmmannian buildings. Any of them make a perfect viewpoint over Paris and give you a different perspective of the city.
Sort the following Parisian landmarks in decreasing order of height :

Eiffel Tower > Montparnasse Tower > Sacré-Cœur > Notre-Dame > Arc-de-Triomphe
Eiffel Tower > Montparnasse Tower > Notre-Dame > Arc-de-Triomphe > Sacré-Coeur
Eiffel Tower > Montparnasse Tower > Notre-Dame > Sacré-Cœur > Arc-de-Triomphe

5. Metro

Metro paris

Parisians are used to taking the metro, which is faster and more convenient than driving. The first line (line 1) was opened in 1900 and it has grown in to a network consisting of over 220km of track, transporting 5million users per day to every corner of the city.
Can you tell how many metro lines there are today (not including the RER system)?


6. Snack time


Paris is known for its food, and French desserts are always very tempting. In order to avoid gaining weight during your trip, can you classify the following pastries in order of the number of calories they contain?

Croissant > Chocolate éclair > basic Sugar Crêpe
Croissant > basic Sugar Crêpe > Chocolate éclair
Chocolate éclair > Croissant > basic Sugar Crêpe

7. Luxurious hotels in Paris

Hotel Le-Bristol

If you are used to staying in 5-star hotels, then you probably know that those with ‘palace’ status are the Crème de la crème in France. The status only applies to the country’s best hotels and is a sign of exceptional luxury. To be listed as a ‘palace’, the hotels need to meet the following criteria: having a fitness center, a spa, a fabulous location, beautiful appearance, history, character, and gourmet restaurants.
Try to guess the number of hotels that have recently been approved and described as « palace hotels » in Paris?

 Between 5 and 10
Between 1 and 5
Between 10 and 15

8. La Seine and Paris


The Pont Neuf, which transaltes as the ‘new bridge’, is actaully the oldest bridge in Paris, built in 1606. Many other bridges have been added since then to link the Left bank to the Right bank.
How many bridges are there over the Seine today?


9. Capital of the world


You may know that Paris is the most visited capital city in the world with 30 million tourists coming every year to explore the streets and monuments. Although there is a lot to see and do, some of the Landmarks are not to be missed.
Which is the most visited monument in Paris ?

Louvre Museum (6 million visitors/year)
Cathedral of Notre-Dame (13 million visitors/year)
Eiffel Tower (7 million visitors/year)

10. Green fairies


Absinth was a very popular drink in France at the end of the 1800’s. It was originally nicknamed « the green fairy », largely due to its halucinagenic properties that helped out many a poet and playwrite. However, the drink was banned in 1915 for this reason, but it is now legal again, albeit with a lower level of alcohol.
Can you guess the percentage of alcohol of this anis-flavored beverage today?

25-65% ABV
80-95% ABV
45–74% ABV

And the winner is…

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