Hunting and Safaris in Art

The Musée de la Nature et de la Chasse (Museum of Nature and Hunting) is definitely an offbeat place that will take the whole family to a journey into the wild. Located in the Marais, close to Beaubourg, Musée Picasso and Musée Carnavalet, it is hosting two temporary exhibitions that will have you dive into the African wild spaces, in addition to its permanent collection of stuffed animals.

What would hunting be without stories of hunting? Mixing contemporary paintings (by artists like Mark Beard, Joan Fontcuberta and Christian Gonzenbach) with documents, photographs and testimonials, the Safaris exhibition is a testament to the hunter’s age-old dissatisfaction at making do with reality. Making the most common hunting grounds seem wilder or more attractive, attributing extreme scarcity or threatening appetite to game, bestowing the hunt with intangible surges of heroism or mysticism – isn’t that also the function of hunting tales and images? The spoken tradition has taken care of this self-promotional story since the beginning of time, before being relayed by such abundant writing that it became a literary genre in itself. All of the glorious and unverifiable published hunting stories are already impressive, when the famous “lion-killer” decides to try and outdo everyone else!

As well as calling upon the styles and techniques inherited from the past for their work, some of the artists brought together for Safaris highlight the tension between reality and fiction that characterises hunting art: between documentary and propaganda, gossip and respectability.

The second exhibition, Safarix, focuses on hunting in comic books, through around fifty remarkable originals, cover illustrations and original edition copies. A fun and renewed way to view hunting and the history of its representation, but also to consider a new art, the museological quality of which is now well established. Hergé, Bilal or Uderzo, all the great masters of the comic book are featured. Remember Tintin’s safari through the Congo in a Ford model T? Or Tarzan  swinging  from vine to vine?

Late closing on Wednesdays (9:30 pm).

Metro: Hôtel de ville

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€5 to €10


Date: March 30th to September 4th

Time: 11:00 to 18:00

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Monday Am - Monday Pm

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Address: 62, rue des Archives - 75003 - Paris



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