The Islands of the Seine

If you are keen on architecture, make sure to visit the Pavillon de l’Arsenal. You will learn how the city of Paris has developed since the Midde Ages; the current temporary exhibition focuses on the islands of the Seine river. This venue is free and also open on Sundays (the best day for a visit, according to us).

The islands of the Seine river are unknown territories. From the source to the sea, there used to be more than 300 islands, of which 100 still exist today, forming an extraordinary archilepago of myths, journeys, utopias and characters.
Each of these territories being an island, it has its own identity and use. The arboretum of île Olive, the farm of île de la Loge, the aerodrome of île aux Cygnes, the showcase-manufacture of île Seguin, the Impressionnists of île de Chatou, the prison of île Saint-Etienne, the olympics facilities of île Saint-Denis, the garden of Eden of île du Moulin-Joly or the nudist camp on île du Platais form a blended genre, moving and complex but consistent.
The visit takes you from upstream to downstream, exploring the river and portraying about 30 islands, some partially underwater, some huge, some tiny, focusing on the their historic moments.
The exhibition is freely accessible from 04.06 to 02.10, and is part of the summer programme of the Pavillon, which celebrates the 80th anniversary of paid leave. More than 2 000 youngsters from Parisian leisure centers are expected during the summer with a range of family activities: visiting the exhibition, treasure hunts, commented night cruises on the Seine, bike tours, and mini-cruises on the Seine from the Pavillon to the Eiffel Tower.

Metro: Sully-Morland

Telephone: +33 1 42 76 33 97




Date: June 4th to October 2nd

Time: 10:30 to 18:30

Closed on:

Monday Am - Monday Pm

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Address: 21, boulevard Morland - 75004 - Paris



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