Top Views Worth Paying for in Paris

Top Views Worth Paying for in Paris

We have selected the top views of Paris that are worth paying for.

We all love wandering through the streets of Paris and savoring that magical feeling of getting lost and then finding our way again. We appreciate the architecture and the history of each building, but also the way people behave and how they all seem so busy to get somewhere.

Paris is a city of leisure and you almost feel like you’re visiting an open-air museum as you explore its different neighborhoods.

But sometimes, to truly embrace this city as a whole and to see how far you’ve come (quite literally speaking), you need to get high enough to grasp it all in a single look.

This is why we’re sharing some of our favorite spots to see Paris from above – places where you can get a unique point of view over the roofs of the most beautiful city in the world.

Tour Montparnasse

Why? It’s a good excuse to play with the touchscreens on the 56th and to drink a glass of Champagne on the highest roof terrasse in Paris on the 59th floor. The 360° view simply is breathtaking.
How? The lift  only takes 35 seconds to get to the 56th floor but you will have to walk up to get to the 59th.
Price? 15€  *Ouch*

Tour Montparnasse Tour Montparnasse Tour Montparnasse Tour Montparnasse
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Eiffel Tower

Why? It’s more than just a view: It’s many views, from so many angles that you might even be able to pinpoint your hotel.
How? We don’t like going to the third floor because it’s expensive, there are long queues, and your view is caged in. Instead, just walk up to the second floor  from the South Pillar entrance (you can go up a little further if  you want to see over the fence).
Price? 5€

View from Eiffel Tower View from Eiffel Tower View from Eiffel Tower
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Notre Dame

Why? You’ll see an aerial view over the very heart of Paris, plus we love gargoyles very much.
How? You’ll have to climb to the top on foot and the cost is a bit steep, but you can think of it as a contribution towards this beautiful building’s maintenance.
Price? 8,50€

Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre-Dame
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Sacré Coeur

Why? The Basilica tops every Paris to-do list anyway, and it’s the highest view-point in the whole city.
How? Most people don’t bother taking the stairs all the way to the top, but if you can handle the climb it’s well worth the effort.
Price? 6€

Paris Guide Paris Guide Paris Guide SacreCoeur
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Arc de Triomphe

Why? For the 360° view over the roofs of the Haussmanian buildings. It stays open until 11pm, so head there after dark for the best views.
How? It’s at the top of the Champs Elysées and accessible by lift – this is an easy one!
Price? 9,50€

Paris Guide Paris Guide Arc-de-Triomphe
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