Oily skin care is not so different from dry skin care - with the right choice

Oily skin care is not so different from dry skin care - with the right choice

An effective skin care program is not a program that suits all suggestions. It is in any case the conventional wisdom. Oily skin care versus dry skin care: How different should the personal regimes for each one be? Are there skin care products that are effective for one as for the other? Seems unlikely, right?

Here is a simple test you can take to determine your skin type:

Wash your face with a gentle cleaner before you go to bed and do nothing else. In the morning, carefully examine the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. It should be easy to see if your skin is dry, smooth or oily in these areas or shows a combination of these different conditions.

People with oily skin provide larger amounts of wax on the surface of the skin called tallow. Sebum will condense when it reaches the surface of a pore, but when too much of this wax is formed, the movement is inhibited.

When this happens, the pores become clogged and often lead to the formation of blackheads and spots.

Heres an oily skin care idea: Consider using an exfoliant two to four times a week. Exfoliants are abrasives used to relieve the body of dead skin cells on the upper layer of the skin to allow new skin cells of lower level, called dermis, to the surface. Using an exfoliant also increases the flow of oil significantly by removing the wax from the surface of the skin.

People with oily skin may want to consider an exfoliant containing salicylic acid, a natural substance derived from the arrows arrow bark. Used frequently in the treatment of acne, salicylibased exfoliants are particularly effective in chemically solving excess oil from the outer surface of the skin to give new skin cells a surface.

Dry or sensitive is a little requires a little different treatment. Although exfoliants may be beneficial to these skin types by removing dead layers of skin, just as they do for oily skin, overuse and not use fair exfoliants can further aggravate problems by wiping out the skin.

Good choice here includes exfoliants that contain small coarse particles like oatmeal or jojoba pearls as they remove dead skin through abrasion. People with dry or sensitive skin should also be warned to limit the use of exfoliants as they can further aggravate the skin. Once or twice a week should be enough.

Exfoliating is just a simple step that can be used in a comprehensive personal skin care that can work for both oily and dry skin. While no single solution exists for all skin conditions, there are some natural ingredients produced in New Zealand that take a lot of guess and the mystery of skin care by combining extracts that can be effectively used for all skin types. Here they are:

Babassu Oil - This natural wax derived from the fruit of the Babassa palms is found in the Amazon jungle in Brazil. It is a wonderful moisturizer and provides a silky texture that can be used dry for both dry and oily complexes.

Jojoba Oil - The composition of this oil is similar to sebum, the natural oil produced in human skin. Due to the similarities with our natural oil, it is easily absorbed in the skin and presents a very small threat to outbreaks or harmful skin reactions. It moisturises dry skin and is especially useful in oily skin care because it delays oil production for those who are exposed to oily skin.

Xtend-TK - stimulates the growth of new skin cells and contains functionally keratin that resembles the basic protein found in human skin. Not only is it a great moisturizer and skin rejuvenation, but also acts as an invisible barrier to moisture retention.

Phytessence Wakame is extracted from a special Japanese sea shell and is remarkable for its health properties to inhibit hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid acts as an adhesive to hold elastin and collagen fibers, which gives skin smoothness, tone and elasticity.

These are just some of the exciting natural skin care compositions that can be used for different skin types and can offer benefits to those who may feel overwhelmed by what to use, how often and why.

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